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Welcome to MR 

Whatever parachuted you on our website, you are here for a reason. And the reason is – you have been looking for us, it's that simple! While you were searching, we have been patiently waiting and are now happy to welcome you on board of our Mutual Responsibility virtual cruiser that will take you "where no one has gone before". And even if they have, we will sail you even further, to the discovery of answers you probably haven't found somewhere else.



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La Garanzia Reciproca 

è un patto di solidarietà fra tutti gli esseri umani: un patto che riporta il sorriso per sempre nella nostra società ferita.

Nella storia umana non vi è mai stata una civiltà più ricca della nostra, piena di risorse e opportunità. Come mai, allora, tutto va male?


EUROPEAN Network for global learningLearning to live together in a flagge-europaeische-union-eu-wehende-flagge-40x60global world

Our mission is to develop and integrate education as a part of our environment to address global and local issues emerging in modern society.

Uniting the efforts of the different actors amongst the global community to make this vision a reality is at the heart of the European Network for Global Learning. The complexity and the size of the task is such that it can be achieved only by combining all such common efforts.




Samen naar Eenheid (Together to Unity) is an initiative flagge-niederlande-wehende-flagge-40x60that strives to collect and publish information and ideas that seek to find a solution to the growing global crisis and invites everyone to participate in roundtable events and discussions to discover these new ideas and solutions. Samen naar Eenheid looks at the world as a global interconnected system that can only grow and thrive when we collaborate and accept a mutual responsiblity towards each other.


ari-institutARI Institute is an international organization with offices in flagge-kanada-wehende-flagge-40x60several countries across the world and operating worldwide. ARI Institute's primary activities are publishing and research, by which hundreds of scientists, educational workers and organizations are provided flagge-russland-wehende-flagge-40x60necessary base material for development of a sustainable and just community contribution.


Mutual Creative LTD, United Kingdom - is a UK based multimedia house and production company, with focus flagge-grossbritannien-wehende-flagge-40x60on art and media innovation that deliver social values and puts focus on sustainable solutions to growing global concerns in the ever changing world.


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Umfrage Erziehung & Bildung

 Umfrage: Erziehung & Bildung

Sehr geehrte Besucher,

bekannte Wissenschaftler aus der Neurologie, Psychologie und Soziologie weisen immer häufiger daraufhin, dass wir unsere Erziehungs-...

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Umfrage Grundgehalt

 Umfrage: Einführung Grundgehalt

Sehr geehrte Besucher,

das Thema Grundgehalt wird immer mehr in der Öffentlichkeit diskutiert, wir möchten wissen, was Ihre Meinung dazu ist und würden...

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